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Partita FantasticaSuite for Concert Band

Basford, Daniel

The goal of Partita Fantastica was to take - as a starting point - titles of movements that are usually found in suites of the Baroque period and stylise the music that those titles describe instead of concocting a simple 'pastiche'. For example, the Corrente Ritmico is full of syncopation; the Sarabanda Triste is more of an extended reverie rather than a tightly structured slow movement; and Giga con Slancio is a playful light-hearted finale. Each movement is based on some material (be it harmonic, rhythmic or melodic) that appears in the short, fanfare-like Prelude Maestoso. Indeed,the opening four note motif of the work uses four letters from the word "dance". The Giga leads directly to a short Postlude that revisits the Prelude's opening music. The music is designed to be accessible and colourful. D.B.

Grade AB 7-8 US 5

16 minutes


Set and Score

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Partita Fantastica move 1 Basford

Partita Fantastica move 2 Basford

Partita Fantastica move 3 Basford

Partita Fantastica move 4 Basford

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