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New Publications


Fergal Carroll 

for Wind Orchestra

Another of Carroll's stunning Greek mythology pieces. This time the building of the walls around Thebes takes his imagination and leads us into a world of glorious colour, creative ingenuity and inspirational mood. Perfect Carroll.
Duration c: 7 minutes 
MC0207 Score and parts £49.95
MC0207C Score only £18.50
Adam Gorb
transcribed by Adam Gorb and Jonathan Wintringham

for Saxophone Ensemble

An amazing transcription by the composer (based on the Jonathan Wintringham edition for saxophones) capturing all the excitement of his original wind orchestra classic.

Duration  c: 6 minutes

MC0206 Score and parts £35.00
MC0206C Score only £19.50


Modest Mussorgsky
transcribed for Wind Orchestra by Malcolm Binney

Pictures at an Exhibition
for Wind Orchestra
A Remembrance of Victor Hartmann

Mussorgsky composed his epic piano work Pictures at an Exhibition after a feverish bout of creativity in June 1874. It was written as a memorial to his close friend the artist and architect Viktor Hartmann who died prematurely in the August of 1873. Early in 1874, Mussorgsky visited a retrospective exhibition of Hartmann's sketches, stage designs and architectural studies. He was deeply moved and reacted with the inspired idea of writing a suite of piano pieces describing  ten of the canvases interspersed with a promenade portraying the composer himself strolling through the exhibition. The result was a series of brilliant, programmatic miniatures connected by a poetic interlude heavily reminiscent of Russian folk song.

It is no surprise that these stunning musical images have intrigued and stimulated many eminent composers and conductors to orchestrate and present Mussorgsky's work through the multi-faceted medium of the orchestra and wind orchestra. Amongst the most famous are versions by Maurice Ravel, Sir Henry Wood, Leopold Stokowski and Vladimir Ashkenazy.

The current transcription was completed in 2017 and first performed by the Band of Her Majesty's Royal Marines (Royal Band) Portsmouth, UK.

Duration c: 38 minutes

MC0204 Score and parts £140.00
MC0204C Score only £35.00



Adam Gorb
transcribed for Woodwind Orchestra by
John Holland

Bohemian Revelry
for Woodwind Orchestra

Imaginatively transcribed from the original work for wind orchestra, this homage to Czech popular dance forms perfectly suit the nurturing qualities of an ensemble of woodwinds and saxophones.

The work consists of four contrasting movements starting with an elegant and stylish Polka. The second movement is an exciting, traditional, cross rhythmed Furiant. Calm returns with a gentler, swaying Sousedska which moves without a break into a high energy, foot stomping Skocna.

Duration 14.30 minutes

MC0205 Score and parts £65.00
MC0205C Score only £21.50


.....and recently released..... 


Adam Gorb

Boat Trip
for Wind Orchestra

Boat Trip explores the more lyrical and tranquil sounds of the Wind Orchestra and is pitched somewhere between a barcarolle and a Satie Gymnepdie. However, its not all sweetness and light, the boat has to ride some rough waters before it finally vanishes into the sunset.

Duration: 7.30 minutes

MC0203 Score and parts £65.00
MC0203C Score only £18.95


Judith Bingham
arranged by Roger Cawkwell

Bright Spirit
for Woodwind Orchestra

An intimate elegiac essay written in the face of personal tragedy. Moving and dramatic, but essentialy warm and poetic. 

Duration 7 minutes

MC0202 Score and parts £49.95
MC0202C Score only £14.95


Adam Gorb
transcribed by Jonathan Wintringham

for Saxophone Ensemble

Do the town and see a show with Gorb's brief, rambunctious curtain-raiser. A night on the tiles without the hangover........and now for an ensemble of saxophones! Jonathan Wintringham's amazing transcription captures all the fun of this Gorb classic. However, it comes with a health and safety warning: 'Not for the faint hearted'!

Duration c: 7 minutes

MC0201 On Hire
MC0201C On Hire


Chris Holmes
A Garland of Carols
Three Symphonic Carols for Band

Past Three O'Clock
Noel nouvelet!
I Saw Three Ships Come Sailing In

Three traditional carols in contemporary settings. Vibrant, spirited and strikingly dynamic. (Includes much cross cueing for bands with smaller forces.) Movements may be performed separately. AB grade 6/7, US grade 4/5.

Total duration 10'35

MC0199 Set and Score £62.00
MC0199C Score only £18.50


Malcolm Binney

Christmas Extravaganza

A New Christmas Festival
for Wind Orchestra

A brilliantly conceived Christmas overture or finale designed as an alternative or companion to Anderson's enduring favourite. A wealth of familiar melodies with many sparkling suprises, often brilliant, often poignant - a real Christmas celebration.
(Includes much cross cueing for bands with smaller forces.)
AB grade 6/7, US grade 4/5.

Duration 9'40

MC0200 Set and Score £55.00
MC0200C Score only £22.00


 Stephen McNeff

The Darkling Serenade

Symphonic Study for Clarinet Ensemble

Reflections on Thomas Hardy's poem 'The Darkling Serenade' inspired this multi-movement work for clarinets. The predominantly dark-grained timbre of the clarinet ensemble, capable of so many subtle changes in sound and mood, perfectly express the sometimes guant, sometimes frail but always optimistic thrush, in these remarkable verses. But don't be misled, this is a work of symphonic stature, powerful, demanding, full of surprises and an extraordinary piece of writing.

Duration 16 minutes

MC0198 Set and Score £47.50
MC0198C Score £19.50


Daniel Basford

Four Rossetti Songs
for Voice (Baritone or Mezzo Soprano) and Wind Ensemble

The Four Rossetti Songs were conceived as a sequel to Basford's large-scale cantata Night Journey. However, unlike Night Journey each of the four songs can be performed separately. Whilst owing much to the gentle song-writing skills of English composers Vaughan Williams and Ivor Gurney, these very individual pieces integrate perfectly the timbre and colours of the wind ensemble into the vocal line so exquisitely expressed in these beautiful verses by Dante Gabriel and Christina Rossetti. A perfect addition to the voice with wind instruments repertoire.

Duration (complete): 14 minutes

MC0197 Set and Score £65.00
MC0197C Score £24.00
MC0197R Voice and Piano Reduction £17.50


Fergal Carroll

Cathedral Variations
for Wind Orchestra

This is Carroll at his most ingenious. The Tallis canon (with four variations) is explored with harmonic and rhythmic dexterity, colourful scoring and vibrant sonorities. 'Must have' materials for the High School Band at US grade 3, AB grade 4-5.

Duration c: 7.30 minutes

MC0196 Set and score £65.00
MC0196C Score £18.95


Fergal Carroll

Spring at Nine Stones
for Symphonic Wind Orchestra




Spring at Nine Stones is a sequel to Fergal Carroll's popular suite 'Winter Dances' and is in three linked movements wholly based on original tunes almost all with Carroll's finger print strong Irish character. The commissioning group are twinned with the FCJ Secondary School in Bunclody in County Wexford, Ireland, whom they visit every few years. Bunclody is close to a beauty spot on the slopes of Mount Leinster called 'The Nine Stones', a favourite of the visiting bands conductor. It was on one of these visits that Spring at Nine Stones received it's first performance.

"......characteristic Carroll, full of good tunes, the perfect High School Band piece at US grade 3.5, AB grade 4/5."

Duration c: 10 minutes

MC0194 Set and score £64.00
MC0194C Score £19.95


Adam Gorb

Spring Into Action
for Wind Orchestra

Adam Gorb's three movement work Spring Into Action celebrates the arrival of spring with all the associated magic and rejuvenation this special time of year brings. The first movement applauds the fresh, vibrant stirrings of the season. The second is more reflective with extended solos and sensative muted brass chorales. "The finale is where the real action begins." A Latin American inspired variation of the opening movement, it spins us into a whirlwind of infectious rhythms and harmonies, the whole culminating in a riotous life affirming coda.

Duration c:13 minutes

MC0195 Set and score £82.00
MC0195C Score £21.50


Daniel Basford

Symphony No.1 'Prometheus'
for Wind Orchestra

Basford's 'Prometheus' Symphony owes much to English symphonists such as Walton, Elgar and Bax. Whilst not actually telling the Prometheus story it takes its main inspiration from two poems: Byron's Prometheus and Shelley's epic drama Prometheus Unbound. It is cast in four contrasting movements which between them straddle all the emotions.   "....a wonderful and colourful piece...."   "....a truly outstanding and mature work."

Duration: 39 minutes

MC0193 Set and score £130.00
MC0193C Score £35.00




Recent favourites


Cristian Axt

On the way to the Pena
Introduction and Malambo for Symphonic Band

"A Mambo to beat all Mambos". Wonderful fun, always inventive, at times grandly theatrical but always the dazzling showpiece.

Duration c: 9.00 minutes

MC0192 Set and Score £60.00

MC0192C Score £14.50


Stephen McNeff

Concerto for Flute and Wind Orchestra

A traditional three movement concerto written specifically for (but without compromise) a capable but non-professional soloist and a reasonably able wind orchestra.

An exciting first movement explores both the sonoruty and agility of the flute whilst engaging playfully with the ensemble using shared materials. The second spins languorous long tunes over subtle accompaniments whilst the third opens with a lively, business like but fun workout for both soloist and band. It's slow, expressive middle section leads to an exuberant, cheerful finale, the whole culminating in a feeling of having been on a very special enjoyable adventure.

Exciting! Imaginative! Invigorating!

Duration c: 22 minutes

MC0191 Set and Score £82.50
MC0191C Score £28.50
MC0191R Flute and Piano £19.50


Martin Ellerby

Natalis for Brass, Organ and Percussion

Inspired by one child's personal struggle for life, this eloquent testimony to the indomitability of the human spirit has a universal life-affirming quality. Personal, powerfull, expansively conceived.

Duration: 12 - 13 minutes

MC0189 Set and Score £36.00
MC0189C Score £19.95


Adam Gorb

Concerto for Cello and Wind Ensemble

Written in 2013, the Cello Concerto takes it's inspiration from it's subtitle "Bojjhangaparitta", the Buddhist chant of that name. 

The Pali word Bojjhanga is a compound of bodhi (enlightenment) and anga (factor), while Paritta (protection or safeguard) refers to the Buddhist practice of reciting or chanting certain verses or scriptures in order to ward off evil fortune or dangerous conditions.

The work is in three sections and lasts about twenty minutes. It opens with a recitative for the solo cello quickly moving to a fast, busy and demanding scherzo. The final section is a beautiful slow movement based on the "Bonjjhangaparitta" theme (transcribed from the chant), the work ending peacefully and with great dignity.

Duration c: 19 - 20 minutes

MC0190 Set and Score £55.00
MC0190C Score £16.95
MC0190R Cello and Piano £17.50 


Timothy Jackson

for Symphonic Wind Band

Toccata was originally the third movement of the composer's Symphony for 32 Horns, commissioned to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the British Horn Society and first performed as part of the 2005, BHS Festival by eight horn quartets each from a different UK conservatory. The work has no specific programme other than that of a traditional fast moving Toccata with driving rhythms and expansive melodies. The piece is an ideal partner to Jackson's sister work, Passacaglia and could be played together billed as Toccata and Passacaglia.

Duration c: 4.30 minutes

MC0188 Set and score £42.50 
MC0188C Score £14.95


Gareth Wood

Rhapsody for Band

Salome has come to symbolize the dangerous female seductress and has long been a subject for painters, authors and musicians including such distinguished names as Leonardo da Vinci, Oscar Wilde and Richard Strauss. Gareth Wood's graphic, almost tactile score is so descriptive, that he vividly brings to life the anguish, lust and murder found in this tortured and tormented story.

Duration c: 14 minutes

MC0181 Set and score £85.00
MC0181C Score £24.00


. . . and our sensational series for

Choirs and Winds

Maecenas has a ground breaking selection of serious works for choir, soloists and winds. Have a look at and listen to the following titles by clicking on the link.

Daniel Basford  Night Journey, A Cantata for Baritone, Chorus and Concert Band

Fergal Carroll A New Songs Measure for Choir (SSATB) and Wind Band

Philip Wilby A Passion for Our Times for Narrator, Mixed Chorus, Youth Choir, Symphonic Wind Orchestra (or Brass Band) and Organ (with ad. lib. dancers and audience / congregation participation)

Adam Gorb and Ben Kaye Eternal Voices for Narrator, Soloists, Chorus and Wind Orchestra




Sherborne Summer School of Music

"A mecca for those interested in
directing and playing woodwind, brass and percussion instruments"


Sherborne Summer School of Music was founded in 1952 as the Canford Summer School of Music, a name it retained for 52 years before relocating to Sherborne School in the pretty medieval market town of Sherborne in Dorset.

It is the ideal venue for adult musicians of all ages to meet in a friendly, supportive atmosphere where they can enhance their skills through the help of dedicated, internationally celebrated teachers and performers. Dating back as far as the 8th century, Sherborne School is full of musical potential; it is dominated by the magnificent Sherborne Abbey and also boasts a state-of-the-art music school, a theatre, recital halls and user-friendly rehearsal spaces.

To complement your hard work, an award winning catering team provides sumptuous meals, there is a spacious bar, various social activities and, during the two weeks, thirty concerts (Concertfest) given by professionals and students.

Sherborne Summer School moves you out of the real world and immerses you in the sheer pleasure of making music and socialising with other like-minded people, singers, instrumentalists, conductors, composers and pianists all meet with the intention of participating in the luxury of one or two weeks' dedicated musical indulgence! So why not join us - soak up the atmosphere, forge new friendships, play and sing beautiful music and hear breathtaking concerts and recitals in the most perfect musical setting.


BASBWE Wind Conducting Course

in association with the BASBWE Education Trust

28 July - 4 August 2019

Mark Heron, Bjorn Sagstad
and Alberto Roque

composer in residence Nelson Jesus

This internationally recognised course is for conductors at intermediate and advanced levels with an interest in wind repertoire, or a desire to immerse themselves in issues relating to conducting wind and brass instruments. Up to twenty-five students will be accepted as "active" participants. Observers are also encouraged and will be fully involved in the course, but they will only conduct at the discretion of the tutors. An integral feature of the course is that all active participants receive podium time with an ensemble each day and a performance opportunity at the end of the week.

This year we are fortunate to have Nelson Jesus join us. Nelson will not only spend time with the class but will assist in the preparation of his works for performance.

Participants will explore the physical language, score preparation, rehearsal technique and repertoire knowledge. All conducting sessions are filmed by camcorder in order to create a record of work undertaken as well as for use in regular review sessions during the week. The course runs concurrently with the Wind Ensemble Course and there will be close liaison between the two including the opportunity for selected participants to work with that ensemble. All participants should bring with them any instruments they play in order to accommodate ensemble work within the class. Students should, as a minimum, prepare thoroughly the works marked with an asterisk before commencement of the course. You may then wish to  select further pieces from the remaining repertoire - it is usually more beneficial to know some of the music well, than all of it not so well. More experienced students may also wish to prepare works from the Wind Ensemble repertoire list.



*Holst                       Second Suite in F, Op.28
*McNeff                    Ghosts
Baczkowski             Send Fire
Ellerby                     Paris Portraits
Jesus                       Pecten Maximus: Concert March for Band
                                 Wolf Tears
Carroll                     Winter Dances
Azevado                  A Britten Celebration
Grainger                  Lincolnshire Posy
Mozart                     Serenade No.11 in E flat, K.375


Wind Ensemble

in association with BASBWE

28 July - 4 August 2019

Mark Heron, Bjorn Sagstad
and Alberto Roque
 composer in residence Nelson Jesus

The Wind Ensemble is designed for experienced amateurs and students to rehearse and perform significant repertoire written for the medium. Some of the repertoire will be studied in depth and form the basis for one or more of the several concerts the Wind Ensemble gives during the week. The remainder will be played in repertoire sessions. There will be opportunities for chamber music and there is close liaison with the Wind Conducting Course.



Ellerby               Paris Portraits (Images for Band)
Jesus                 Porto de Saudades
Grainger            Lincolnshire Posy

Jesus                 Concertino for Solo Bass Drum and Symphonic Band
McNeff               Ghosts
Jesus                 Pecten Maximus: Concert March for Band
Hesketh             Masque
Jesus                 Concerto Curto e Grosso
Britten               Russian Funeral
Baczkowski      Send Fire
Mozart               Serenade No.11 in E flat, K.375


Other courses of interest to wind players and directors

28 July - 4 August

Practical Conducting  Rodolfo Saglibeni and John Longstaff

Chamber Orchestra  Peter Stark

Composers' Workshop  Malcolm Singer


5 - 12 August

A Journey through Jazz  Mike Hall

The George Hurst Conductors' Course  Rodolfo Saglibeni,
                       Denise Ham, Toby Purser and John Longstaff

Symphony Orchestra  Philip Ellis

The Art of Choral Direction Amy Bebbington with James Keefe


Other courses running concurrently with those above include four choirs, (Cappella Chamber Choir, Choral Course [large choir], Lighter Side Choir and Voices in Harmony [no sheet music]), orchestral conducting (two courses), choral conducting, piano, piano accompaniment and two vocal masterclasses.


Send for a complete brochure to:

Sherborne Summer School of Music

P.O.Box 629, Godstone, RH9 8WQ, UK
telephone +44 (0)1233 893963


or look at the website


P.O. Box 629,
Godstone, RH9 8WQ
Tel: +44 (0) 1342 893963
Fax: +44 (0) 1342 893977

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